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African-American Health Improvement Partnership (AAHIP)

A Community-Based Participatory Research Project


What is AAHIP?


Too many of us are in poorer health than we need to be, because of problems with the healthcare system, problems with the American lifestyle, and a variety of stresses that affect our health.  It is now well-known that racial and ethnic minorities suffer much more than the general population from unnecessarily poor health.  What we do not know, yet, is how to solve that problem.     


The African-American Health Improvement Partnership (AAHIP) is a collaborative of researchers, health care providers, community leaders, health care consumers, and churches dedicated to improving the health of African-Americans in Durham, North Carolina.  AAHIP was created in October 2005 through a grant from the National Center of Minority Health and Health Disparities (part of the National Institutes of Health) to Dukeís Division of Community Health in partnership with the Community Health Coalition. 


AAHIP aims to design and evaluate different approaches to health improvement; and to document, maintain, and expand efforts shown to work.


The AAHIP research team includes faculty and staff from various parts of the Duke campus, but is led by the Division of Community Health.   A Community Advisory Board works hand-in-hand with the research team in designing AAHIP, and an external team evaluates the collaboration between the research team and the board.


The Diabetes Improvement Project (DIP)


AAHIPís first initiative is the Diabetes Improvement Project or DIP.  This project aims to help approximately 250 African-American adults with Type 2 diabetes better control their condition.   Recruitment of project participants begins in January 2007, and the project runs until June 2008.


Participants in DIP receive the following services:

*    Educational sessions provide participants and their family members with information on the causes, consequences, and management of diabetes; the role of nutrition, physical activity, and stress management in diabetes control; and strategies for effective doctor-patient communication.

*    Professional community health educators work one-on-one with participants to help them set personal goals and meet those goals. 

*    Social support groups consisting of 8-10 people meet on a regular basis so that people with diabetes can help each other.


The project also provides support to churches for policies and practices that support good health in general and diabetes management in particular.  Over time, we intend to move this community-participatory approach to health improvement beyond the church walls to the larger Durham community.     


Project participants are being surveyed at three points over the duration of the project and their health monitored in order to evaluate the success of our approach.


Participating in DIP


If you would like to participate in DIP, contact the Intervention Coordinator at 919-681-3188.  Enrollment in the project may be closed at the time you contact us; but, if not, and you fit the projectís eligibility criteria, we will be delighted to enroll you. 


Additional Information


For further information about the project, please call the Intervention Coordinator at 919-681-3188 or the Project Director at 681-3185.