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Learning Together
Improving the Health of Durham Residents through Service Learning

Learning Together provides training and opportunities for students to participate in health-related community service activities.

Service opportunities may include providing health education to elementary school children, helping frail seniors complete the application process for Food Stamps, and conducting workshops to teach patients how to effectively communicate with their doctor. Through Learning Together, learners work with a variety of populations, experience the interdisciplinary nature of community work, and develop competence for working with diverse communities and cultures. Learners who participate gain skills they can use to work effectively with any community.

Preparing to embark upon community activities
To prepare learners to participate in community-based projects, learners must meet two requirements must be completed:

  1. Take and pass the online Community Health Training Modules
  2. Attendance at a Learning Together Community Training Workshop

Accessing Information and Resources
The Learning Together Website ( is a virtual community for Duke learners. Through the Website, learners can find community-based service opportunities and access required training. The Website also offers a virtual tour of the Durham community and academic resources of interest to students.

Helping learners partner and provide service in the community
Learning Together assists student groups interested in connecting with health-related community projects. As a third-year medical student notes, “The Learning Together program has truly helped Duke's Student National Medical Association (SNMA) have a successful inaugural year of the Youth Science Enrichment Program at Lyon Park Community Center. I could always rely on the program for guidance and support.”

For More Information:
Please visit the program website:, or contact the program office in the Division of Community Health at 919-681-8365

Learning Together
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