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The Health Leadership Program at Duke
Helping Health Care Professionals Create Healthy Communities

Providing an innovative distance fellowship program for health care professionals that teaches them how to develop new models of care in their home communities. Giving them the tools to think outside the boundaries of traditional health care delivery methods. Allowing them the opportunity to participate in a world-class program while maintaining their current employment.

Combining the best of both worlds - on-site and distance learning for success
Most programs either are all distance or on-site based learning programs, but at Duke, the Health Leadership Program combines the two to offer a unique chance for health care professionals to continue their education on a part-time basis. Focusing on developing strong community health planning skills, the eight-month program builds on extensive experience and resources from staff and faculty at Duke University Health System.

This unprecedented opportunity brings health care professionals from all disciplines together to train a cadre of emerging leaders who design and implement of innovative programs to serve the health needs of communities across the country. The program imbues these new leaders with the skills to train future health care professionals.

Combining lessons learned from successful faculty development, graduate programs, and community-based clinical initiatives, the Health Leadership Program helps participants create pioneering, community-based models of care. For those who are in more traditional health care settings, the program broadens their skills to include the tenets of collaborative, community-based, patient-centered approaches to health care. Training in systems change, quality measurement, and patient-safety is woven throughout the curriculum.

Taking ideas for practical, long-term solutions back home
The Health Leadership Program challenges participants to develop and implement new models of health care in their home communities. By working with their own communities throughout the fellowship, participants will bring a value-added benefit to their own organizations through immediate application of skills learned. The program gives participants the tools to think beyond traditional health care delivery models.

Meeting the needs of busy professionals by offering a part-time, affordable program.
Very few health care professionals can take long periods of time away from work for training in a fellowship or degree program. That's why the Health Leadership Program at Duke was created - giving them the opportunity to participate in an all-inclusive program that will teach them practical skills to improve the health of their community. Key elements of the program include a pre-assessment of the participant's background, on-line modules that teach essential basic knowledge and case problems, intensive weeks at the Duke campus, distance-based learning activities through an interactive web and CDs and a longitudinal project that is relevant to the participant's community.

Bringing health care professionals together from all disciplines to create a dynamic learning environment
The program is designed for all health professionals – clinical, healthcare administration, and public health. The program seeks to bring together energetic groups of people who are dedicated to building collaborative, patient-focused health systems.

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