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Community Health Electives (COMMFAM453C)
Medical Student Electives

Population-based health care is becoming increasingly important in addressing health care needs. This elective helps students understand the concepts and practice of community-based and population-based health care. It is a dynamic course whose activities will change based on the Duke/Community projects active at the time. Students are expected to successfully complete the required readings and modules that provide the core knowledge and help build related skills. Students will then apply the knowledge and skills gained while working on community based program assignments.

The individual course curriculum optimizes the attainment of the course goals by first providing students with knowledge of the larger context of Community Health. Students are then challenged to use the specific skills necessary to plan, implement, and assess population-based, patient-centered care programs.

Specific course activities will be selected based upon the studentís interests and the Community Health activities occurring at the time of the elective. Interested students should check the registra's website to determine which semester and sections this elective is offered. To enroll in this course, students must contact Anh Tran, PhD, Director, Educational Programs, Division of Community Health at least six weeks prior to the start of the course. At that time, Dr. Tran and the student, along with community programming faculty and staff, will plan the specific activities that will be undertaken by that student, completed during the Community Health Elective and the requirements for the studentís successful completion of the course.

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