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Education Programs

Duke Community Health's educational programs challenge the status quo. Health care systems have turned to their clinicians and staff to create a patient-centered, cost-efficient primary care system. We build clinical leaders who have a wide base of skills. We train faculty from across the country to work effectively in their communities. They learn how to plan and implement successful programs and services that their communities ask for--and how to make them sustainable. Our fellowship trains physicians to practice and teach population-based, community-delivered primary care. And Community Health trains Duke learners across the Medical Center and Duke University through intensive pre-service training followed by supervised service delivery throughout Durham County.

Our programs range from teaching a practicing clinician to run a major health system to teaching an undergraduate to help a homebound senior complete her Food Stamp application. Duke Community Health offers:
  • Master of Health Sciences in Clinical Leadership
  • Community Health Fellowship
  • The Health Leadership Program at Duke
  • Community Health Required Training
  • Learning Together
  • Community Health Elective
  • Credentialing For Faculty in Community Health
  • Duke-Johnson & Johnson Nurse Leadership Program



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