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Community Care Partners
Durham Community Health Network is a Community Care of North Carolina Network

Ensuring access to services

When patients sign up for Medicaid through Carolina Access, they have the option of choosing the benefits of the Community Care of North Carolina Program, administered locally in Vance, Warren, Person, Franklin and Granville counties through Community Care Partners. At the time they enroll, our patients may choose a primary care provider who will manage their overall healthcare needs. If they need specialty care, the provider arranges for the patient to see a specialist or receive other health services, such as nutrition counseling. Community Care Partners helps the patient access these and other medical and social services as prescribed by their healthcare provider.

Creating a healthier community

Many families who are served by the Medicaid program either cannot or do not know how to care for their health. Some have difficulty accessing healthcare services and others face social issues that prevent them from making their healthcare a priority. The result is that they live each day feeling less healthy. That's where Community Care Partners is making a difference.

Our program is designed to help people access the healthcare support they need when they need it. We work hand in hand with the patient's healthcare provider to ensure that they receive the care recommended by their provider.

We understand the barriers our patients face. In many cases, they are unable to visit a provider because they do not have transportation or do not understand how to successfully access services that are available to them. We listen to our patients' needs and take steps to help them successfully obtain these services.

All of our services are free to our patients and include:

  • Chronic disease management education
  • Coordination of healthcare services; including prescription, appointment, and transportation assistance
  • Community referral services and resource information
  • Assistance with understanding healthcare recommendations and medications

Teamwork is the key to helping people find the right services

Coordination and cooperation between many local agencies has helped Community Care Partners be successful. Our dedicated care management staff includes Community Health workers, Nurse educators, and Nurses.

A Service Of:

  • Beckford Medical Center
  • Carolina Women's Center
  • Eugene Day, M.D.
  • Granville Medical Center
  • Granville-Vance Health Department
  • Henderson Pediatric Center
  • Maria Parham Hospital
  • Norlina Medical Clinic
  • Oxford Family Physicians
  • Person Family Medical Center
  • Roxboro Medical Associates
  • Stephen Ertischek, M.D.
  • Vance Family Medicine
  • Warren County Health Department
  • William B. Olds, M.D.
  • Butner-Creedmoor Family Medicine
  • Center for Women's Health
  • Granville Family Medicine
  • Granville Pediatrics
  • Henderson Family Medicine
  • Lax Chadasama, M.D.
  • Michael Mahan, M.D.
  • North State Medical
  • Person County Health Department
  • Roxboro Internal Medicine
  • South Granville Primary Care
  • Sundar Internal Medicine Association
  • Vance-Warren Comprehensive Health Plan
  • Warren Women's Health Center