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ACCESS to Adolescent Care
Adolescent Centered Care, Education, and Social Support

Often, the most urgent problems facing pregnant and parenting adolescents are the lack of a stable adult influence, and the lack of an adolescent-centered system committed to their development and well-being. ACCESS (Adolescent Centered Care, Education, and Social Support), a grant-funded program of the Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust, serves to develop a stable, comprehensive system of services available to pregnant adolescents, their male partners, children, and families.

Personalized Care
ACCESS is a highly personalized, tightly coordinated system of medical, mental health, and social services centered around pregnant and parenting adolescents. Based in the School-Based Health Clinics (SBHCs) at Southern and Hillside High Schools in Durham Public Schools, Family Support Workers and SBHC providers work with adolescents to create and implement individualized plans to meet the adolescent's medical, mental health, and social services needs.

ACCESSible Goals
The program's short and long-term goals are fourfold:

  • To decrease the number of repeat adolescent pregnancies and rates of STDs through health education
  • To increase the number of pregnant adolescents receiving prenatal care
  • To increase the number of pregnant students and their partners and families who demonstrate improved mental and physical health status and the capacity to parent effectively
  • To improve the health and safety of babies born to adolescent parents through increased capacity to nurture a child and improved understanding of family dynamics and child health and development.

A dedicated, caring staff
Dedicated ACCESS staff work on-site at the Southern and Hillside SBHCs, health settings that adolescents know and trust:

  • A full-time Family Support Worker (FSW) helps adolescents and care providers to develop and implement a Family Support Plan to address the medical, mental health, social services, and educational needs of the individual adolescent family unit. The FSW also leads an intervention group for adolescents who have been exposed to chronic traumatic stressors like violence or life-threatening illness, teaching the skills to enhance the adolescent's ability to cope effectively.
  • An ACCESS Nurse works at each SBHC to increase prevention education and provides care coordination for prenatal visits.
  • By addressing medical, emotional, social, and educational needs, ACCESS is helping to provide much-needed stability and care to pregnant adolescents in Durham County.


  • Durham County Health Department
  • Durham Public Schools; Southern High School; Hillside High School
  • Lincoln Community Health Center
  • Duke Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Center for Child and Family Health
  • Duke Community Health

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